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The CPU burns up and it's silly to use the radiator.


  Many DIY players are cautious about the choice of hardware when they are down, allowing different hardware combinations to achieve greater performance. For high-performance processors, they also need to be equipped with an efficient heat sink to ensure long-term performance. The temperature runs.

CPU烧到宕机 散热器这么使用你就傻了

  There are many points in the choice of radiator, such as the size of the radiator and the chassis, the tower radiator in some small chassis will lead to the side plate cover is not; some wide body radiator will occupy the memory slot affect the user Installing multiple memory sticks also helps users to use different hardware.

CPU烧到宕机 散热器这么使用你就傻了

Select heat sinks do not occupy memory slots

  In addition to the above-mentioned notices that we all understand, there are some places that are easily overlooked when installing and using the heat sink. At the same time, it is also the details that the player needs to pay attention to. Here I will introduce you to the selection and installation of the heat sink. nitty gritty.

Plastic protective film can not be left


Most newly purchased heat sinks have plastic stickers on the side that touches the CPU. This layer of stickers is generally written with words that were removed before use. However, some users may be careless, or the user may not read the English characters on the stickers. Causes the radiator to be attached to the surface of the CPU together with the sticker.

CPU烧到宕机 散热器这么使用你就傻了
Flat design of radiator bottom


When the radiator is in use, the bottom surface is in contact with the CPU, and heat is dissipated through the heat dissipation fins. In order to have a better heat conduction effect, silicone grease is applied in the gap. If there is an object that blocks the heat transfer, the use of the heat sink will be seriously affected. effect.

The function of the sticker on the bottom surface of the heat sink is to keep the bottom clean and tidy, to avoid scratches or bumps that may be caused during transportation, resulting in uneven surfaces, which can also reduce dust or debris when the user is in use, and can provide better heat dissipation. effect.

CPU烧到宕机 散热器这么使用你就傻了
Radiator sticker protects the bottom surface from scratches


Therefore, the CPU cooler must clean the surface when it is used, and the plastic sticker must be removed when shipped from the factory. The clean surface is the basis for good heat dissipation.

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